M20 modern fantasy

I was recently reading an article Ed Ortiz wrote about contemporary fantasy settings that really interested me. His article focused primarily on the concept of a fantasy setting that has advanced to a modern era: as opposed to it just injecting fantasy into our world. 

This article on top of the recent discussions in the M20 community about possibly a Shadow Run inspired mini setting, has me thinking that I might want to have the next Microlite20 Rules Cyclopedia include some M20 Modern material. I'm going to be doing a few posts as I explore this idea, but first I'd like to talk about some of the thoughts I'm rolling with to start.

Microlite81 Complete Public Beta Available for Download

Microlite81 Complete is intended to be standard Microlite81 with more complete descriptions of spells, monsters, and magic items and a few extras like an example of play and instructions for GMs which will hopefully make the game more friendly to players with less experience with old school gaming. Microlite81 Complete allows the GM to select which version of the "core game rules" to use (the standard B/X-like rules from Microlite81 or the B/X-like rules with the author's house rules from the early 1980s added as in Microlite81 Extended).

This is a public beta version which the author beliefs to be feature complete. It needs (at a minimum) proofreading, layout and artwork before it will be ready for formal release. If you notice typos, missing material, or the like, please let the author know.

Microlite81 Complete is now available for download in PDF format in the Microlite20.org download area. Here is direct download link: Click Here to Download: Microlite81-Complete-Public-Beta.pdf. (If this link does not work, the beta is no longer available because a release candidate or the final version is available.)