m20 logo missing?Thanks for visiting the microlite20 site and joining us on an exciting journey of micro adventures! For the many gamers either too short on time, or that just want to get to the story, to worry about over bloated gaming systems: we salute you.

Originally m20 started as an amazing distillation of the industries beloved d20 system as a post on the popular forum Enworld in 2006. Soon that 11 page little rpg exploded into a massive 121 page thread that spawned over a hundred fan created resources and spin offs.

While m20 has always been a wonderful little game a common thread has always been that many folks wish that there was just a tad more meat left on the bones: myself included. As such a new edition of m20 is being released under the creative commons license.

This new edition of the game will be broken into two versions:

  • M20 Core: will represent that same absolute minimalism expressed in the original game. This will be very familiar and true to the original game with very slimmed down classes.
  • M20: what I intend to create as a slightly bulkier version than the traditional m20, that will be designed for a more traditional feel too character advancement. A careful balance is being constantly worked on to create the feeling of diversity that traditional abilities by level systems offer with the simplicity m20 is known for.

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